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Technical Note Of Proximity Switch

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Model explanation of proximity switch

NO. Composition Code and definition
1 Switch category LM: inductance type CM: capacitance type SM: hall type
AM: safety explosion-proof type XM: mimic linear type
HM: reed type
2 Outward appearance code Cylinder type Angular column type and plane installation type
3 Working voltage 30: 6-36VDC 310: 5-24VDC 320: 12-60VDC 330: 10-30VDC  340: 10-55VDC 
350: 10-60VDC 360: 5-36VDC 20: 90-250VAC 210: 24-250VAC 220:380VAC 
40: 12-240VDC/24-240VAC 50: Special voltage
4 Detection distance 01: 1mm 05: 5mm 10: 10mm
5 Output form N: NPN three-wire DC NPN output
P: PNP three-wire DC PNP output
L: two-wire DC output AC two-wire output
J: Relay contact output
NP: NPN+PNP double output
6 Output state A: Normally open (NO) B: Normally close (NC)
C: Normally open+normally close (NO+NC) MU: Mimic voltage
MI: Mimic current
7 Subsidiary functions T: with aviation connector Y: water proof, oil proof
I: special requirement H: high temp resistance
R: ring type
8 Long-distance L: Long-distance