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AC input selectable by switch

Protections:short circuit/overload/over voltage

Cooling by free air convection

100% full load burn-in test

Low cost,high reliability

2 year warranty

AC input voltage range:85-132VAC, 170-264VAC 47-63Hz,slected by switch

AC inrush current:Cold start,30A/115V,60A/230VAC

DC adjustment range: 10%

Over load protection:105-150% fold back current limiting,auto-recovery

Over voltage protection:105%-135%rated output voltage

Setup,rise,hold up time:200ms,50ms,20ms at full load and 230VAC

Withstand voltage:I/P-O/P: 1.5KVAC,I/P-FG:0.5KVAC,1 minute

Working temperature:10一+60, 20 % -90 %RH

Safety standards:Design refer to UI1012

EMC standards:Design refer to FCC part 15

Conneciton:9P/9.5mmpitch terminal block

Packing:1.2KG; 18PCS/21.0KG/1.2CUFT

 MODEL NUMBER  Output  Tol  R&N  Effi
 s-350-5  5v,0~50.0A  ±2%  150mV  73%
 s-350-7.5  7.5V,0~40.0A  ±2%  150mV  82%
 s-350-12  12V,0~25.0A  ±1%  150mV  82%
 s-350-13.5  13.5V,0~22A  ±1%  150mv  84%
 s-350-15  15V,0~20A  ±1%  150mV  84%
 s-350-24  24V,0~6.7A  ±1%  150mV  86%

 s-350-27  27v,0~11.7A  ±1%  200mV  82%
 s-350-48  48V,0~6.7A  ±1%  240mV  83%